Summer weekend

What is the best you can do when the weather report promises temperatures of 35ºC and above? You can resort to a countryside village with lots of green around, stay in the shadow and take it easy. Rest. Read a book. Take a nap. Well, it IS called “summer life” for something, isn’t it? 😉

This past weekened was all about that. I got up early in the morning and went to pick up some herbs (that are now drying in the shade – for my winter stock). Between the kilos of watermelon and bowls of fresh greens from the garden, I somehow managed to survive the extreme heat. In the afternoon, when the heat eased a bit, we grilled some local, sustainable trouts and drunk refreshing cold cucumber soup. How much I wish I could do this all summer long…!

Summer 2012

Wild peach tree

Blackberry plant growing wild

It looks like a promising year for grapes

Picking herbs early in the morning

Drying the herbs

Summer meal: grilled trouts and lots of greens from the garden