Autumn verrines

Autumn verrines

Have you ever tried chestnut jam? It’s delicious! If it’s not prepared with too much sugar, that is. I haven’t tried making it at home yet (I can imagine what a time consuming preparation it must be!), but I tend to search for it whenever I’m visiting Italy. From one of the trips earlier this year I brought back home a jar of crema di marroni, sweetened with raw cane sugar and vanilla bean. Tempting!

Chestnut jam

I truly adore everything involving chestnuts, you see. So this week I decided to put my chestnut jam into good use, and as I enjoy preparing verrines (desserts served in glasses), I came up with this recipe that has Autumn written all over it. Even if chestnuts are available in all forms and all year round, to me they are an Autumn and Winter affair.

Yogurt and whipped cream

In case you don’t wish to use ground black sesame seeds, that’s OK – they can be omitted. I personally like them ever since tasting my first black sesame gelato in Toscana (if you ever find yourself there, search for it, you won’t be sorry!).

Crumbled buckwheat and cocoa cookie (left) and ground black sesame (right)

Ingredients for 4-6 servings:
350g sweetened chestnut jam (crema di marroni)
260g full fat yogurt
250ml whipping cream
1 large (chocolate) cookie, crumbled (I used a home made buckwheat and cocoa cookie with walnuts)
2 Tbsp (or to taste) ground black sesame seeds
4 gelatine sheets

1. Using an electric mixer, beat the whipping cream in a large bowl until soft peeks begin to form. With a help of a whisk, mix in the yogurt and chestnut cream.
2. Add the crumbled cookie and ground sesame seeds, mix to combine. Place the bowl in the fridge.
3. Soak the gelatine leaves in a skillet filled with sufficient amount of cold water (the gelatine needs to be completely submerged in water) for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, pour out some water and leave only a few tablespoons. Heat gently on the stove, stirring with a whisk continously until the gelatine leaves are dissolved. Do not bring to boil! Remove from the stove and allow to cool off a bit.
4. Pour one third of creamy preparation in the skillet with dissolved gelatine and stir well with a whisk, then pour it back to the rest of the creamy preparation. Give it a good stir.
5. Prepare the verrines/dessert glasses and fill them with this delicious chestnuty cream. Allow to set in the fridge (4 hours at least). Enjoy!

Autumn verrines

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