Radish yogurt spread and quinoa crackers

Weather seems to be the Nº1 conversation topic among Europeans these days. Here in Central Europe we’ve been forced to turn on the heating again this week. It was 8ºC this morning when I got up… and it’s 1st of June, people (*checks the calender again*), yes, FIRST OF JUNE! Half of the seeds we planted back in April never appeared from the soil (despite having covered the garden beds with garden fleece); they have been either eaten by godknowswhatinsectpests or they’ve died due to the long period of cold and rain that’s been going on for weeks now. Poor thingies. I’ve been so unhappy. Not much luck with herb pots, either. Basil and marjoram pots are being colonized by small flies and ants and look no good. Thyme, rosemary, tarragon and rocket, on the other hand, are doing better but have a kind of sad appearance.

Oh my, I sound so depressed. Sorry! I actually intended to tell you about radishes. They seem to be OK with the weather conditions and are growing surprisingly well. I use them mainly in salads, sliced and spiced with dill. Very classic, yes. But then yesterday I had a light bulb moment (a.k.a. an idea) and I grated them and mixed with thick yogurt into a kind of tzatziki dip. I called it spread because I’m a spread kind of girl. I had some lemon balm* at hand and was curious to know how they would pair with radishes. Well, now I do know: radishes totally dominate the taste (surprise, surprise) and I think I know garlic also had something to do with it. But OK, next time I’ll try mint. Or stick to dill, most probably.

*Lately I’ve been drinking lemon balm (we call it melissa) infusion every night before going to bed. It helps you sleep better, did you know?

As I was searching online for a quick cracker recipe to spread my radish goodness onto, I came accross this delicious and healthy quinoa cracker recipe from Ilva of Lucullian Delights. I instantly liked the idea! I’m very fond of quinoa, specially of the white and red mix which I always keep in my pantry. These crackers are made very fast (if you have cooked quinoa on hand, even better!) and taste best while still warm. In case you’re not into radish tzatziki, may I suggest some other spread ideas that you can find on my blog? These are my favorite: tuna spread, sardine pâté, avocado spread, chickpea and dandelion spread.

And here are the two recipes in photos:

Grated radishes

Grated radishes

Garlic clove

Garlic clove

Lemon balm or melissa

Lemon balm or melissa

Thick yogurt (Greek style)

Thick yogurt (Greek style)

Radish yogurt spread

Combine the grated radishes (squeeze the liquid out as much as you can), minced garlic, chopped melissa and yogurt, add salt (to taste), cover with a cling film and refridgerate for a couple of hours.

Cooked quinoa and an egg

For quinoa crackers you need: cooked quinoa (240g cooked weight), 1 large egg (beaten)

Pecorino romano

Pecorino romano (grate 3-4 Tbsp, or to taste)

Shaping the quinoa mix directly on the baking sheet

Mix together the cooked quinoa, beaten egg and grated pecorino, add spices (1tsp dried marjoram and 1tsp sweet paprika powder were my choice) and spoon into a mold, placed on a baking sheet (I used a 8cm pastry ring), pressing with a spoon to flatten into 1cm thick shape. Repeat until you run out of quinoa mix. With these quantities I got 6 crackers. Transfer the baking sheet into the hot oven (around 200ºC, I placed it on the upper rack but you know your oven better than I do) and bake the crackers for approx. 10 minutes, then flip over and bake for another 10 minutes until golden.

Quinoa crackers with radish yogurt spread

The quinoa crackers look as lovely as they taste. The radish yogurt spread is very refreshing and I’m going to make a lot of it again once it gets warm outside. It will soon… riiiiight?? 🙂

Quinoa cracker I just bit into

Mmm, yummy!

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