Zucchini and cabbage soup with meatballs and basil pesto

Oh, what BEAUTIFUL summer days we’re having…! Our garden is doing splendidly well; we’re currently dealing with a surplus of zucchini and cabbages. And basil. And tarragon. And gooseberries and mirabelle plums! I’m spending my free time flipping through food magazines and cookbooks, searching for inspiration. But to be honest, most of the time I get inspired by the vegetables (and fruit) themselves.

The big zucchino and cabbage head I picked this morning in the garden gave me an idea to combine them in a soup. A curious combination, you say? Well, why not. I sauteed some coarsely chopped cabbage leaves, zucchini rounds and a sliced onion, then I covered the vegetables with vegetable stock and simmered for 15 minutes. I seasoned the soup with sea salt and savory (it pairs really well with cabbage, if you ask me!) and then I pureed half of the soup.

I also had an idea to make some meatballs and cook them in the soup. I mixed the mince beef with finely grated zucchini (yes!), salt, paprika powder, ground caraway seeds, chopped parsley and basil leaves and breadcrumbs (to absorb the excess moisture from zucchini). I shaped the meat mix into small balls and simmered them in the soup for 15 minutes. Mmmm, the soup aroma was getting irresistible! But wait, I had another idea. I wasn’t sure how basil pesto flavor would pair with cabbage… but there was only one way to find out. I’ve been making basil pesto on a weekly basis lately and trying to use it in different ways, too (= not only on pasta) – so I stirred a spoonful of it into the soup. Cabbage + basil? Approved by yours truly! The pesto goes really well with the sweetness of cabbage.

So, what do you think – does it look tasty? 🙂

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