Summer vegetable sauce

This is the third week in a row that I cooked the scrumptous-looking (and -tasting!) summer vegetable sauce that you can see on the photo. It’s so good and versatile that every time I prepare enough of it to last us through the week (that is, one large pot). Primarily I intended to use it as pasta sauce but then I discovered it goes well with almost every dish (see below for the ideas).

The sauce combines tomatoes (50%), aubergines, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, zucchini (other 50%) and fresh herbs (basil, tarragon and parsley). I peel the tomatoes and chop the veggies into small cubes/slices (except for the garlic) and saute them on olive oil until soft and until part of the liquid has evaporated. I season the sauce with salt, pressed garlic and chopped herbs only a couple of minutes before the end of cooking and then I puree the veggies OR I leave the sauce chunky – both versions are fine by me.

So how do I use this sauce?
– on pasta (and topped with grated aged cheese)
– in risotto (adding a couple of spoonfuls to improve the taste)
– in stews (same as above)
– with fried/baked eggs (and a couple slices of crusty bread on a side)
– with pan-fried steaks (beef, veal, chicken, turkey… you name it – adding a spoonful or two into the pan when the meat is almost done)
– on pizza (as an alternative to the classic tomato sauce

See now why I call it versatile? 😉

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