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Herbal tea time

I’ve drunk liters and liters of tea in the past week and I must say, it felt really good because I’ve almost completely recovered from the bad cold I’ve been suffering from. Much credit (apart from my daily green and red tea cups) goes to herbal teas I’m very keen on preparing – and not only when I get ill. Now that I’ve recovered my taste and smell, I can finally appreciate the aromas of the infusions I’ve been making during the past days.

We know of various herbal teas that help combat the common cold and limeflower and rose hip are among the most common ones. Normally I would drink my tea plain (without sweeteners, that is) but whenever I get ill, I would make an exception and sweeten my tea with honey (limeflower and chestnut honey being my preferable choices). Sometimes I will add an extra warming spice to the tea I’m making – a few slices of ginger perhaps, or a couple of cloves, cardamom pods or a cinnamon stick. They are so good for you, not to mention how great they taste!

Here are two examples of herbal teas I’ve been enjoying – maybe you’ll prepare a cup for yourself, too! I hope you’ll like them.

LIMEFLOWER TEA with ginger, cardamom and lemon

*Preparation: you can either combine all the ingredients + water and slowly bring to boil and then allow to infuse for some minutes OR bring water to boil first, add the ingredients and simmer for some minutes.  After that you simply strain the tea ingredients and let the tea cool a bit before adding honey (ideal temperature for adding honey would be about 40ºC or less). *

ROSE HIP TEA with cloves, vanilla and mandarine