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Mascarpone chocolate delight

Chocolate mascarpone delight

Honestly, I’ve been having troubles finding a name for this dessert. Whatever I could think of, sounded somewhat modest. You might think now that I’m exaggerating… after all, we’re only talking mascarpone and chocolate here, aren’t we? But I’m telling you, for me creaminess got a new dimension with this dessert. Even if it consists of fairly “heavenly” ingredients, it gives you the feeling you’re eating a soft cloud rather than a fat-loaded calorie bomb thick, rich dessert.

Chocolate mascarpone delight

Usually you don’t get to see (m)any such recipes here, as my cooking is all about healthy meals (and proud of that 🙂 ). Nevertheless, every now and then I like to make an “exception” and treat us with something special, like in this case. I’ve fallen in love with this dessert – and I’m not even a fan of chocolate, so I can only imagine how much the chocoholics out there would love it… 😉

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A dessert for 2:
250g mascarpone cheese
100ml (full fat) yogurt
100ml whipping cream
80g white chocolate
80g dark chocolate (60 or 70%)
2 strawberries for decoration

1. In a bowl, mix together mascarpone, yogurt and whipping cream. You can also use a hand-held mixer in order to obtain a creamier result. Divide the mixture in half.
2. Melt dark and white chocolate (separately) over a double boiler, let cool a bit and then stir the white chocolate into one half, and the dark chocolate into the other half of the mascarpone mix.
3. Serve this exceptional dessert in crystal glasses by spooning some “white” mix and then some “dark” mix into it. Top with a strawberry and allow to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours. It tastes best when served cold.

Chocolate mascarpone delight

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